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May 2014 Meeting

Attendees : Ros, Adelaide, Beverley, Lynette, Catherine, Gabrielle, Ishbel, Trish, Mary and Heidi

Apologies : Heather, Vic

Meeting : We watched, enjoyed and cried through The Book Thief film. Thank you Catherine for hosting the meeting.

Business :

  1. Heather has chosen That Summer by Andrew Greig for her next book. However, we decided to go with the current list to the end of 2014 and put Heather into 2015 before we read it.
  2. Trish has confirmed that we can choose a book for her choice so the Faraday Month tradition will continue for a second year. Please bring a title to June’s meeting for us to pick out of the hat. Bodice Rippers positively encouraged!
  3. Gabrielle and Lynette have been asked to provide their titles so we have a complete list to the end of 2014.
  4. The next book is The Rosie Project by Graham C Simsion. After you’ve read the book, take these quizzes and we can discuss at the meeting: