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July 2018 Meeting

Wolf-Hall_featuredAt Court : Ros, Catherine, Sandra, Sharon and Heidi

At Wolf Hall : Ann, Gabrielle, Lynette, Trish, Heather, Katie and Mary

Discussion: We enjoyed this retelling of the Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn story – from the unique perspective of Thomas Cromwell who famously rose from blacksmith’s boy to earl.  This is the first of three instalments of the rise and (spoiler alert) fall of Thomas Cromwell.  The writing was admired, the characters not so much – no one is particularly sympathetic character, reflecting the dog-eat-dog nature of court politics.

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel scored 4

Next meeting we are reading The Harp in the South by Ruth Park.  The venue will be Sharon’s at K-town.

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July 2017 Meeting

29248613._UY2048_SS2048_Present were: Ros, Ann, Lynette,  Sandra, Katie

Discussion : Lots of interesting chat from George Pell to Pauline Hansen to the Kimberley.

Comments included “unrelentingly bleak”, ‘real’, ‘loved it as much as Burial Rites’, ‘evocative’,  ‘I found the fragility of the life amazing’ & ‘One small thing goes wrong & you’re gone’. Others thought that the people were really tough as they could survive such tough conditions, although in the podcast she said that this was before the potato blight hit & that the people’s diet was actually quite good. We also discussed the role of the new priest, Mary’s life & the motivation of Eilis, the role of “fairies” in so many societies, including Myanmar which I discovered in January.

Lots of chocolate foodstuffs consumed by all Ros

Score : 4

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Reminder 7 July at Ros’ The Good People by Hannah Kent


Ros’ – 46 Crampton, S-

Glossary for The Good People by Hannah Kent

  • Aine – pronounced. Eyener
  • Eilis – pr. Eyelish


I found the meanings of these words on Word Hippo and/or Forvo (on this site you can hear the words pronounced – choose Irish where more than one choice is available).

Bean sidhe – banshee

Cillin – cell, tank

Caoineadh – crying, dirge, mourning pr. Queenah (see below also)

Keening – traditional vocal lament for the dead in Ireland & Scotland – look up “Funeral keeing” posted by Hate Forest on YouTube

Queenah – see Caoineadh above

Bean feasa – wise woman, witch

Ban fassa – same as Bean feasa above

Poitin – irish alcoholic drink (pr. pocheen)

P26 – Rath – ring fort

P29 – sugan – straw, pejorative term/straw man

P30 – bothan – bothy, hut

P36 – cailin – colleen, girl

P39 – praiseach – gruel

P46 – glanrosc – eyebright/euphrasy – a plant used for treating diseases of the eye &

P48 – samhain eve – Halloween (samhain = November)

P48 – puca – puck, imp

P49 – sioga – fairies

P102 – bean leighis – healer, medical woman

P119 – sigh gaoithe – ? sigh of the wind

P175 – bodhrang – ? bodhraigh = bother or bodhaire = deafness

P175 – cailleach – bag, cat, hag, witch

P175 – piseogs – superstition, curse

P189 – cuaird – circuit

P261 – sliotar – hurling ball

P321 – bealtaine – May (month)

P354 – crostail –

P366 – sleanta – I wonder if this is supposed to be slainte – an Irish and Scots gaelic word used when drinking – akin to ‘cheers’