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Reminder 7 July at Ros’ The Good People by Hannah Kent


Ros’ – 46 Crampton, S-

Glossary for The Good People by Hannah Kent

  • Aine – pronounced. Eyener
  • Eilis – pr. Eyelish


I found the meanings of these words on Word Hippo and/or Forvo (on this site you can hear the words pronounced – choose Irish where more than one choice is available).

Bean sidhe – banshee

Cillin – cell, tank

Caoineadh – crying, dirge, mourning pr. Queenah (see below also)

Keening – traditional vocal lament for the dead in Ireland & Scotland – look up “Funeral keeing” posted by Hate Forest on YouTube

Queenah – see Caoineadh above

Bean feasa – wise woman, witch

Ban fassa – same as Bean feasa above

Poitin – irish alcoholic drink (pr. pocheen)

P26 – Rath – ring fort

P29 – sugan – straw, pejorative term/straw man

P30 – bothan – bothy, hut

P36 – cailin – colleen, girl

P39 – praiseach – gruel

P46 – glanrosc – eyebright/euphrasy – a plant used for treating diseases of the eye &

P48 – samhain eve – Halloween (samhain = November)

P48 – puca – puck, imp

P49 – sioga – fairies

P102 – bean leighis – healer, medical woman

P119 – sigh gaoithe – ? sigh of the wind

P175 – bodhrang – ? bodhraigh = bother or bodhaire = deafness

P175 – cailleach – bag, cat, hag, witch

P175 – piseogs – superstition, curse

P189 – cuaird – circuit

P261 – sliotar – hurling ball

P321 – bealtaine – May (month)

P354 – crostail –

P366 – sleanta – I wonder if this is supposed to be slainte – an Irish and Scots gaelic word used when drinking – akin to ‘cheers’


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