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Meeting February 2017

91eui3ewiwlsl1500Apologies : Heather, Sharon, Ros, Ann and Gabrielle

Present : Sandra, Mary, Catherine, Lynette, Katie, Trish, Heidi


  1. We now have 2017/2018 book choices from everyone and allocated the first few months around those who attended plus, for some reason, Ros (let us know if July doesn’t suit you, Ros).  We now just need to slot the last four (Sharon, Ann, Heather and Gabrielle) into a month from October 2017 to March 2018.
  2. We decided not to have a Faraday Book slotted into a month as we have 11 members for 11 reading months but everyone to supply a Faraday title to have as a stand-by just in case a book is hard to source, someone drops out or whatever. Send your Faraday title to Heidi.

Discussion : For those who had read the book, this was one of the most intriguing stories in a while.  It took quite a time for us to regale the others with the plot to aid discussion.  We found the story unfolds unexpectedly and flips things around from ‘normal’.  While we liked it we found the use of obscure words annoying; it was like Faber was showing off. The main character was not likeable but somehow we were tricked into feeling sympathy for her plight.  Descriptions of the countryside and nature were really enjoyed.

Score : 2.9 out of 5

Next month : The Cellist of Sarajevo at Heidi’s on Friday 3 March at 7:30pm



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