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November Meeting

At the ceilidh – Heather, Ros, Ann, Heidi, Catherine, Katie, Trish, Sharon, Lynette and Sandra

At hame – Gabrielle and Mary

Business :

  1. Please have your reading choice  for 2017 chosen by the next meeting so that Christmas wishes can be fulfilled.  Trish is happy to continue with our tradition of having a Faraday choice instead of her choice so bring a back up title to put into the hat for the Faraday month, whenever that may end up being.  You can see what has been chosen so far on the Reading Lists page of this blog.
  2. Think also about the January meeting. Traditionally we have gone to Glenbrook Cinema and taken pot luck on the first Friday of January.  Last year, however, we had a BYO movie night at Lynette’s when the film at Glenbrook was too dire even for us.  What do we want to do this coming January?

Discussion: Basically, those who’d read the book found it hard to get into initially, wondering where they were being taken, but then enjoyed the lovely writing.  No Great Mischief by Alistair Macleod scored 3.5. (The title, by the way, comes from Gen.James Wolfe’s assertion in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, Canada, that Scottish soldiers should be sent into battle because “they are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country, and no great mischief if they fall.”)

Next meeting : The next meeting is on Friday 9th December at 7:30pm at Katie’s. We will be discussing Under the Skin by Michael Faber.  NB this is the second, not the first, Friday of the month.

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