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September Meeting

9781760111601 (1)At Gabi’s place : Gabrielle, Ros, Katie, Sandra, Catherine, Trish & Heidi

Missed : Heather, Sharon, Mary, Lynette & Ann

Discussion : I think we pretty much agreed this book had the potential to be something special but somehow failed.  On the positive some of the historical background was enjoyed although the way people of German origins were treated was shocking – a salutary lesson for today’s times.  On the negative we felt we had to work hard to follow the story with the chopping times, the romance between Lisa and Luke was cheesy and unnecessary and overall the reveal at the end was improbable and unsatisfactory.  We felt the book is overlong at 250+ pages.

We had some old pictures of The Hydro Majestic Hotel from the Blue Mountains Image Library to help our imaginations along. Click on the link and enter Hydro Majestic in the Search field to take a look.

The Palace of Tears by Julian Leatherdale scored 2.4.

Who would play who in the film?



30762198Best Cover : There seems to be only one cover design for the English language version of The Palace of Tears so Trish had nothing to choose from. Interestingly, this is the German cover design. The title translates as The girl who broke our hearts.


Next Meeting : The Yalda Crossing by Noel Beddoe on Friday 7 October at Ann’s (56 Bee Farm)



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