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June Meeting

15823419Present: Mary, Sharon, Katie, Sandra, Lynette, Heidi and Ann

Missed: Gabrielle, Catherine, Trish, Heather and Ros

Business:  Don’t forget  that Mary’s Cancer Council fundraiser/double book group afternoon tea is on Sunday 19 June at 2pm.  PLEASE let Mary know if you are going to attend or not via email or phone xxxx 1396.  Please bring a minimum $5 donation per person and a bunch of friends. Mary’s address is 16 Moorecourt Ave, S.

Discussion: The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook  is set during a period of history which was new to most of us – the immediate post-WWII period in Germany where there are tensions between making the German people suffer for having started the war and the atrocities committed during the Holocaust and getting Germany back on it’s feet again.  It is not a perfect novel with character development and plot lines sometimes being a little disappointing, however, The Aftermath was considered a pretty compelling story by those who had read it and we would recommend it to friends.  We gave it a score of 3.3 out of 5.

Next meeting : We will be discussing Life or Death by Michael Robotham on Friday 1 July at 7:30. The venue will be Lynette’s house, 12 Linnet St, W.


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