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February 2016 Meeting

Present: Sharon, Trish, Anne, Ros, Katie and Heidi

Doing something else: Heather, Gabrielle, Catherine

Still puffing up Boddington Hill on her bike: Mary (Klaus promised you were coming, Mary)


  1. Welcome to Anne who joined us at Sharon’s invitation. Catherine has also invited someone but they have missed this meeting.
  2. The vote was unanimous to stick to the first Friday of each month.
  3. A couple of books have been added to the reading list to complete 2016.


Only three people had been able to get their hands on a copy of the book and none had got past p80-odd so there was little discussion and no score for this book.  Sharon chose the book because she has been watching a series on Netflix called Turn based on Alexander Rose’s book.

What Sharon wanted to discuss, amongst other things, was how different the relationships are between Great Britain and the US and Great Britain and Australia – what difference does a war make?  Perhaps next meeting . .  .




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