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January 2016 Meeting

New Year 2016 card

Present: Lynette, Catherine, Trish (only just back from her holidays), Mary (in her pyjamas) and Heidi

On their holidays: Gabrielle, Katie, Heather, Ros, Sharon


2016 Reading List – the bulk of 2016 has been filled in so we can all get cracking.  The first book will be Sharon’s choice, Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose. Venue to be confirmed once Sharon is back from her walking holiday in the Snowy Mountains.  Katie and Heather just need to give us their choices and that will be us sorted until November.

Vic’s Email/Post – Vic has decided to take a step back and go on the ‘inactive list’.  Vic, you are welcome to come to any meeting, we’ll miss you but understand you have a very busy family life.

New Members – well, having mourned Vic, we decided last night that perhaps we need more members.Catherine, Sharon and Gabrielle are all known to have someone in mind so you ladies are invited to offer a spot to your friend and get them to come along to the next meeting in February.

Revisiting Meeting Times – with our new members on board we are proposing to re-visit the hoary old issue of whether we stick with the Friday/Sunday alternating meetings, or go back to Fridays only.  Please brief your invitees that this will be an issue they will be expected to vote on too.  In the meantime we at the meeting decided the February meeting would be on Friday 5 Feb.

Visit to the Hunter – Catherine told us last night about her daughter-in-law’s mother, a lovely lady called Jo who has been nominated a Living Treasure in her community who would like to start a book group but isn’t sure how to go about it. Talking with Catherine about it, she and Catherine wondered if The Book Thieves would like to go up to her place (?near Cessnock) one weekend and have the book group with Jo and her friends.  There is a holiday home close by which we would get mates rates on.  Catherine is going to find out more about costs and possible dates and maybe we should lock this one in sooner rather than later.


This meeting was the film night meeting.  We chose to watch Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp as JM Barrie and Kate Winslet as Sylvia Llewellyn Davies whose sons were the inspiration for Peter Pan.  (The film has Peter as the inspiration but a book I recently read, The Real Peter Pan : the tragic life of Michael Llewelyn Davies by Piers Dudgeon has Michael as the subject of a very intense relationship with Barrie.

We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the ending which left us all a snottery mess. Sob!


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