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December 2015 Meeting

holiday-tree-book-artPresent: Lynette, Gabrielle, Trish, Heidi

Sorely Missed: Heather, Katie, Sharon and Catherine


Emails – thank you to Gabrielle for the Facebook and email reminders of this meeting last week. It was agreed they were useful and should continue. Gabrielle will continue to look after the reminders and send one approximately one week before the next meeting.

Blog – Heidi will resume looking after the blog for a while.  The decision of the four at the December meeting does not in any way imply any criticism of Katie who has done a heroic job in the face of a hectic work schedule and the intention is to ease the burden on Katie as she adjusts to her new job.

Reading List – we are all out of books to read so we are requesting everyone puts forward their book suggestion for 2016 by the next meeting. Shortly Gabrielle will send an email requesting your suggestion plus a Faraday book to go in the mix for Trish’s month. Please use REPLY ALL when you send your titles rather than reply just to Gabrielle – just in case.  There are a number of sites on the Web, Blogs & Lists tab here on the blog that you can look up for inspiration.  I can particularly recommend The ABC Book ClubGoodReading Magazine ~ reviews and discussion notes as well as articles – click on the Book Clubs tab on the left, Reading Group Guides ~ Questions for specific titles and generic questions and NovelistPlus – sign in with your library membership number and browse by genre, appeal or prize winners look up a book or author and get some title, author or series read-a-likes suggested.  Take into consideration how available your book might be – if it’s an older title, have a quick search for it on one of the online bookshops – we all need to be able to get a copy.  If you aren’t sure if something’s in print send me (Heidi) an email and I’ll check it on a database I can use at work.

41b93vqlivl-_sx277_bo1204203200_Discussion – Discussion was a little thin as only two of us had read the book! And those two were polarised. One found it better than expected and was amused by the technology and the plot. The other found it tedious and the resolution rather abrupt (No.1 hadn’t got that far yet). It would have been interesting to hear what the scientists in the group would make of it. The score for The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton was 2.75.

Next Meeting – after a quick check of the Glenbrook Theatre website we decided the films likely to be offer were more dire than usual so we decided on an at-home film night at Lynette’s house on Friday 8 January.  (Put this date in your calendar now!)  This is the second Friday in January but the first Friday is 1 January so we figured the turn-out would be a bit better if we went with the 8th.  Bring a DVD or two with you and we’ll ‘negotiate’ what we watch.

At this meeting we will allocate the book list so please have your reading suggestions (remember to include the Faraday suggestion) in by the DVD night.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy and healthy 2016.

2 thoughts on “December 2015 Meeting

  1. Hi book thieves. So sorry I didn’t get my apologies in in time. Luckily I wasn’t sorely missed ; ) my excuse this time is that Sam had the mountain bike smash I’ve been dreading last week & broke BOTH bones in BOTH of his arms! Anyway, given I so very rarely make meetings these days I really do think my spot should be opened up to someone more reliable. I would feel less guilty about that way. Perhaps I could stay on as an occasional member? Take care everyone. Vic

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