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October 2015 meeting

Image result for inside the o'briens by lisa genova

There: Lynette, Mary, Sharon, Gabrielle

Not there: Catherine, Heather, Heidi, Katie, Trish, Ros, Vic


Emails: There was discussion around how some members felt that the reminder email had been helpful and how much they were missing it! A suggestion was made to send an email the weekend before the next book club, as this gives members a chance to read the book if they have not already done so. Gabrielle said she is happy to follow this up over the next couple of meetings.

December book choice: Lynette to follow this up

Discussion: ‘Inside the O’Briens‘ by Lisa Genova. A very quick discussion around this book with members who had read it agreeing that there were parts that seemed quite superficial. Learning about Huntington’s Disease was the most interesting part of the book. It was also felt that the book was very similar to the authors well know book ‘Still Alice’ and this aspect was disappointing. The score was 2.6.

Next Meeting: Sunday November 1st, 2015. 2.30pm @ Ros’ place (TBC).

Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee.

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