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Sticking to dates + Facebook alerts

We’ve decided at the July meeting that we need to stick to dates so people can make plans and remember where to be on any given day!

If the host has a clash of commitments, we’ll change the venue but not the date, and if possible the host could phone in, if not, host will need to pass on notes to a stand-in host.

There’s also been discussion about setting up a Facebook page for notifications to make it easier to let each other know what’s going on. We’d keep the page private and those without Facebook could set up a private account (eg. Book Thief M) just for that purpose, then notifications would go straight to phones or emails from one spot. What do the Thieves think of this? Gabby has volunteered to set up and look after it and we’d keep this site for archives etc as well. You’ve got 2 weeks to vote! (See below)

And finally, there’s a group of us planning to head to Mudgee on Sat Aug 15 for the reader’s festival, leaving the Mtns at 7am. Some will stay over, some will come home that afternoon – get in touch if you want to stay, so far we have 3 takers (Ros, Mary, Katie).

Next post will be all about the BOOK, Narrow Road, and what we thought…



One thought on “Sticking to dates + Facebook alerts

  1. With Heidis help, I have looked into whether you can get away with not being on Facebook but still receiving email alerts. Unfortunately this is not an option. You must be a member of Facebook. 🙂


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