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February 2015 Meeting


eBook version by Arose Books Publishing, Allison Park PA chosen by Trish as her preferred cover

Attendees : Heather, Katie, Gabrielle, Heidi, Catherine, Lynette, Trish, Sharon

Business : 

  1. Excursion to the Mudgee Reader’s Festival 8-9 August 2015 – Could we please have a list of those who intend going to Mudgee by the March meeting (so far Sharon, Mary, Vic, Heidi, Catherine and Lynette have said yes). Heidi sent an email on 9 February with an attached spreadsheet of possible accommodation – please have a look so we can decide on a couple of options and book in good time. If anyone has any knowledge of accommodation in the area and can recommend somewhere, bring that option too.
    • ACTION : choose your preferred accommodation for Mudgee Reader’s Festival
  2. New Members – the result of the poll was 6:2 in favour of maintaining the status quo and not going beyond the current 11 active members. However, we did discuss whether the group was happy to have guest members attend for two meetings or so in order to get an idea of how a book club might work so we can assist friends to start a book club of their own. At this stage no members nominated anyone for this but Book Thieves may nominate friends at any time in the future.
  3. Faraday Month – we discussed using the Faraday Month as a guest night/fund-raiser. Faraday month this year will be the May meeting – please have a think about nominating a charity and about an activity we can use as a hook for guests ( a few years ago we had a quiz). Could you also bring your Faraday book title so we can choose the book for May.
    • ACTION : choose a Faraday title to go in the hat at the March meeting
    • ACTION : choose a charity we can raise funds for
    • ACTION : choose an activity/theme we could use for the fund-raiser
  4. Days of Meetings – the other poll was about whether we continue to alternate between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon meetings, go back to Friday evenings only or change to Sunday afternoons only. The result was 5 : 3 in favour of continuing to alternate Fridays and Sundays.
  5. Secretary role – Heidi has been taking the notes, reminding about meetings, maintaining this blog, etc. since Book Thieves started in 2007 and would like others to take their turn now. We agreed to share the role in 3 month blocks with Katie agreeing to go first.

Discussion – we had a wonderful discussion (eventually) about Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Heather chose this Canadian classic having been amazed that Anne is so well-known outside of Canada. Curiously Heather had never read Anne before now although she had read a biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery who had a difficult childhood. Heather gave us some interesting background based on an article by Margaret Atwood (is this the one you read, Heather?).

In general we all thoroughly enjoyed Anne of Green Gables. Anne is a wonderful character; irrepressible, accident-prone and resilient. We had particular fondness for the apparently stony Marilla, however, who fears spoiling Anne and withholds obvious signs of affection initially but who comes to love Anne as deeply as her brother, Matthew, does. The language of the book was greatly admired.  We scored it 4.2

Next meeting : Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns – As this poem is written in Scots use the link for a copy of the poem with the English translation.  Here are some video sites for you to explore also:

Heidi will be inviting Margaret Wilkinson to join us for this meeting.



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