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December Meeting

Attendees : Gabrielle, Lynette, Trish, Ros, Sharon, Heidi

Apologies : Heather, Vic, Mary

Business :

1. We’ve again had a couple of requests about inviting new members. In October we decided that the remaining 11 active members were sufficient and no new members would be invited but we agreed at this meeting to put it to a vote once more.

2. We were supposed to be voting on whether to continue to have Sunday meetings but forgot. We can take a vote here also.

Deadline for both polls will need to be our next book discussion meeting on Friday 6 February 2015.

3. I’m going to request that someone else take on the role of Secretary/Notetaker. We can decide how long the job will be for – 3, 4, 6 months? It’s time we all took a turn.

4. We will be going to see whatever is showing at around 6pm/6:30pm on Friday 2 January 2015 for our annual Pot Luck at Glenbrook Theatre and dinner excursion. Sharon and Heidi are hoping like mad it’s Paddington; it’s got the funniest trailer we’ve seen in a long time. Looks like it’ll be a take-a-packet-of-tissues-and-perhaps-some-incontinence-pads job! Click here for a look. It’s on at Glenbrook 11 Dec – 11 Jan 2015 so it all hinges on the times.

Not discussed at the meeting but needing to be done:

A. I’m looking into Mudgee accommodation for the Readers Festival next August. I’ll send some links in a separate email. Please have a look and indicate a) whether you are coming and b) if so, your accommodation preference before the February meeting – I think we need to get in quick or it will be expensive/gone.

B. Can we finalise the reading list for first 6 months of 2015?  Mary (Apr) and Catherine (Jun), could you forward your choices soon – it helps others with their Christmas Wish Lists and general planning.

Discussion:  Only Lynette had read The Princess Bride by William Goldman in it’s entirety and Heidi had only read about 70%. As with Lynette’s previous 3 books, Lynette loved them and Heidi wasn’t enamoured. No wait, that’s not true, I enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Guide!  Anyway, we didn’t do a score.

Next meeting : As above – 2 Jan at Glenbrook – will send an email with time and movie closer to the date.

Next book : Friday 6 February 2015 at 7:30pm Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery – Heather’s choice.

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