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October 2014 Meeting

Apologies : Catherine, Heather, Beverley, Mary

Attendees : Katie, Trish, Gabrielle, Lynette, Vic, Sharon, Heidi and Vic’s sister Catherine

Business :

  1. Congratulations to Lynette and Ian who are expecting their first baby in early/mid March 2015. We all wish you well with your pregnancy, Lynette, and look forward to cuddling up with the wee one during our meetings next year.  I hope all the talk of stretch marks, pooping on strangers and bottoms turning inside out wasn’t too much.
  2. Beverley sent an email asking to retire from the group as she is busy looking after her frail parents for the time being. She offered for the group to consider inviting a new member. We decided to leave Beverley ‘on the books’ as an Honorary Member similar to Margaret for now so she can join the group when she can. We decided that the remaining 11 active members were sufficient and no new members would be invited. Beverley, you will be missed and we hope there will be a book sometime soon that coaxes you to join us.
  3. It’s time for the next few members to put forward their choices. So that we have a list that takes us through to the end of June 2015 and so we all know what to ask for for Christmas, could we please have next choices from Heidi, Sharon, Mary, Catherine and Katie? Please bring your next choice to the November meeting.

Discussion : Only three at the meeting had read Barracuda. Some of the others had been put off reading Barracuda because of The Slap (either read or watched on TV). It was acknowledged that Tsiolkas does not write about pleasant people in pleasant settings but he is a masterful wordsmith and those who had read Barracuda would recommend the others giving it a go.

Score : 3.6

Next Meeting : The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Perfect at Katie’s on Sunday 2nd November 3pm

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