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The Light Between Oceans – movie


This from Random House this month :

“We’re so excited to see this mesmerising novel come to the big screen for a few different reasons. Firstly, we loved this book. It is one of those always being mentioned around the Random House office because it’s one we all love to recommend. Secondly, it’s set in Australia. And finally, Derek Cianfrance, who has worked on films like Beyond The Pines and Blue Valentine, is directing the film – so we feel confident he will suitably and subtly explore the fragility of Tom and Isabel Sherbourne coming from different ends of the morality scale. So far, Michael Fassbender is rumoured to play Tom and it’s a possibility that Rachel Weisz may have a role in the film as the baby’s mother. This isn’t a book you need to go and read because it’s becoming a movie, this is just a book you need go and read.”




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