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July 2014 Meeting

Apologies : Vic, Gabrielle, Catherine

Attendees : Katie, Heather, Trish, Mary, Sharon, Lynette, Beverley, Heidi

Business :

  1. We gave Mary all the Bike titles we put forward last month for our Faraday suggestions. Always a good sport, she thought we were a hoot!
  2. A request was made to consider an alternative meeting day as some members find Friday evening difficult to attend. We agreed to try some Sunday afternoons. So we will keep to the Friday evening at 7:30pm for August, October and December this year but give 3pm on the first Sunday of the month for September and November. At the December meeting we can discuss how we feel things are going and whether Sunday afternoons suit and all meetings should be on Sundays, revert to Fridays only or continue with alternating first Fridays and Sundays. Please note the new dates on the Reading Lists page.

Discussion : The News : A user’s manual by Alain de Boton had only been read by three of those present but our wide-ranging and interesting discussion has prompted the others to give it a go. de Boton gives us a lot to consider as we digest the information thrown at us by the various media and offers some ways of looking with a little bit of skepticism and discernment. We agreed that it would be great if children were taught media literacy at school. Perhaps we can have a go in the home with our own children?

katie recommended looking at Alain de Boton’s website, The Philosopher’s Mail which provides an antidote to Britain’s most popular and arguably most trashy daily tabloid, The Dail Mail.

The book scored 3.8.

As Trish was called away, she was unable to choose her favourite cover but I have only seen one version anyway whether in the lovely little hardbacks everyone had, or in e-form.

The August meeting will be held at Heidi’s on Friday 1st August at 7:30pm and the book under discussion will be What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty


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