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June 2014 Meeting

Apologies : Lynette, Mary, Beverley, Katie

Attendees : Catherine, Ros, Gabrielle, Heather, Heidi, Sharon, Trish

Business : 

  1. Faraday Month Book – all present got to enter a book for the 1 August meeting. The book title drawn was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. We sorely missed Mary’s input!
  2. Lynette and Gabrielle have both given their titles for 2014 so the year’s list is complete with Heather’s choice happening in the new year. She may yet change her mind though.

Discussion : The discussion did not last a great deal of time. Nearly everyone really enjoyed this book about a man somewhere on the Asperger Syndrome/Autism spectrum and his quest for a life partner. They found it funny and engaging, and believable and are already looking forward to the sequel. The one dissenter thought it was trite and that the author was labouring the point and that it did not live up to the assurances that it was an hilarious read.  The Rosie Project by Graham C Simsion scored 3.


Next month we’ll be reading The News : a user’s manual by Alain de Boton.


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