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What the Book Thieves have been reading since the February meeting

Murder in Mississippi by John Safran – a bit self-obsessed John!

Lactation books

The Railwayman’s Wife by Ashley Hay

The Falling Man by Don DeLilo

When a Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Gentlemen Formerly Dressed by Sulari Gentill (the fifth in the Rowland Sinclair series)

Planet Word by Stephen Fry

Gough Whitlam : a Moment in History by Jenny Hocking

Barack Obama by David Maraniss – fills in the gaps left by Barack Obama’s autobiography, Dreams from my Father

Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel – a book containing over 80 unique photographs of dogs underwater

The Boleyns by David Loades

The Eye in the Door and The Ghost Road by Pat Barker (Regeneration Trilogy books 2 & 3)

How Many Camels are there in Holland? Dementia, Ma and Me by Phyllida Law


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