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March 2014 Meeting

Attendees : Ros, Trish, Catherine, Katie, Sharon, Beverley, Vic, Heidi

Apologies : Heather, Gabrielle

Business :

  1. Beverley had brochures for the Phryne Fisher costume exhibition in Old Government House, Parramatta which will run until 1 July 2014.

Discussion : Why Australia Hates Asylum Seekers – article by Christos Tsiolkas in the September 2013 issue of The Monthly. What an interesting discussion. We missed the input of those who have dealings with asylum seekers and the immigrant experience. We were all much in agreement with Tsiolkas. Score – 3.8

By chance, as I was downloading podcasts to listen to in my insomniac nights I came across two relevant podcasts, both from Radio National. The first is Impact of work ban on asylum seekers in the community and the second is Nauru


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