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February 2014 Meeting

kill khalidAttendees : Lynette, Trish, Catherine, Heidi, Sharon, Mary

Apologies : Beverley, Vic

Business : In January Margaret tendered her resignation by email. It read as follows :

Dear Heidi and all the Book Thieves,
I have decided to resign my place in the group.   These years have been so much fun and I shall miss you all but never being able to get the books has made it difficult for me to take part.   I hope someone will always remember to have a laugh at my choice of books but I went through all your type of books many years ago and only want to read for my own pleasure now.  I have enjoyed every one I was able to read before this difficulty with my eyes and most certainly enjoyed the discussions.   Being with a younger age group has made me see things I would never have known and made my dealings with my own family much more interesting.  Generations do see things quite differently and it is good to meet younger people and gain that perspective.   Thank you for your friendly dealings over the years:  I shall never forget it.

I visited Margaret during the day on Friday but was unable to persuade her to change her mind.  The group decided we must reluctantly accept Margaret’s resignation but we will keep her on as an Honorary Member, inviting her to at least one or two events per year.  We decided not to replace Margaret at this stage.

Discussion : Mary had read this book some years ago. She read it because she was told it was an important book by a now dead friend and she wanted to understand why he thought it was important.

Not many of us had read the book all the way through. Some had tried and given up, some were part way through. Mary gave us a very thorough precis of the storyline and a number of those who were part way through or who hadn’t read the book said they were inspired to carry on/give it a go. For those who hadn’t got through it, the density of the material was what defeated us. Several members of the group thought their partners would enjoy it more.

Score : The score was a respectable 3

Next : Why Australia Hates Asylum Seekers article by Christos Tsiolkas in the September 2013 issue of The Monthly

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