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October Meeting

Apologies : Lynette, Catherine

Attendees : Mary, Margaret, Heather, Sharon, Heidi, Gabrielle, Beverley

Business : 

  1. Time for some more choices to go out.  Need choice from Sharon to complete the current rotation. Then the rotation begins again with the first seven – Beverley,  Heather, Catherine, Katie,  Trish (or everyone), Vic and Ros. That will take us all the way to almost the end of 2014. Seems like a long way I know but there are those among us who like to know what to ask Santa for so if you want you can email me your choice and I’ll pop it in the list.

Discussion :  Margaret had done a lot of preparation for this meeting and, despite her preparations having been curtailed by the arrival of visitors from China, did a very professional job and led a wide-ranging discussion – feminism, death and dying and obfuscation.  Phryne was generally admired for her strong personal traits although we thought she might not be an easy person to be on equal terms with. The consensus was that the Phryne Fisher books are a light-hearted, easy read, a little obvious in parts but that’s only on one level. At another level there is much to be learned about early 20th century history, politics, etc.

WWTD (What Would Trish Do) : In Trish’s absence we decided on the cover at the right ISBN 9781742372433

Score : 3.7


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