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June 2013 Meeting

Attendees : Heather, Trish, Gabrielle, Sharon, Heidi, Katie

Apologies : Lynette, Beverley, Catherine

Business :

  1. The question of new members was raised again. Those present agreed there were enough members of Book Thieves for the time being.
  2. What about being able to invite guest members so they can see how a book group worked? We decided that, as a rule, this would not be a good idea; it would change the group dynamics and on the trust and confidences we have built up over time and would therefore probably impinge on the discussion.  However, we thought we could have one meeting a year where each member can invite a friend. Each guest attendee could make a $5-10 donation to a charity nominated by us. They could see how we work, get some ideas for alternatives and perhaps hook up with one or more of the other guests and start their own group. We decided the December meeting each year would be a good one to throw open to guests so we’ll give it a go this December.

Discussion : The Cove by Ron Rash scored 3.5. Trish chose this cover over the colourless one in Gabrielle’s ereader!

Next Book : The Help by Kathryn Stockett.


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