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April 2013 Meeting

Attendees : Sharon, Trish, Catherine, Katie, Ros, Gabrielle, Heidi

Apologies : Heather, Mary, Vic, Beverley

Business :

  1. The next 7 people need to make their book choices in the next couple of months. That’s Ros, Gabrielle, Lynette, Margaret, David, Heidi, Mary and Sharon.
  2. Trish’s book was chosen.   In June we will be reading The Cove by Ron Rash

Discussion : This was one of the better discussions we’ve had in a while despite, or because, this was a book that left nearly everyone feeling very uncomfortable, and there were differences in interpretation of what happened.  Interpretation it seems, depends on whether you viewed the main character Futh as a bumbling fool or a pathetic non-entity. Those with the former view enjoyed the book as a farcical comedy, while the others thought of the book as ‘miserable’.

Catherine had done her homework and used some book club questions to assist the discussion. This was great for getting us to look at various aspects of the book and not just stop at ‘it was miserable.’  There are links to sites that provide book club discussion questions on the Web, Blog & Lists page of this blog.

The Lighthouse scored 2.6 out of 5.

Who Would Play Who in the Film?

  • Futh – (a much thinner) Timothy Spall
  • Angela – ?
  • Ester – Maxine Peake
  • Bernhard – Ray Winstone
  • Gloria – ?
  • Dad – Pete Postlethwaite
  • Mum – Miranda Richardson

One thought on “April 2013 Meeting

  1. Great night, thanks for all the input. Good to catch so many thieves in one go. I think we may have had a record of arrival times starting from 7.30 continuing with staggered times until after 9pm. Like moths to the light you kept coming. Our motto could be ‘It’s never too late’

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