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March Meeting

Attendees : Heather, Lynette, Mary, Margaret, Heidi, Vic

Apologies : Gabrielle, Catherine, Beverley

Business : Can everyone bring your book title to the next meeting so Trish’s book can be chosen?

Discussion : Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was a gloomy book, born in gloomy times. Mary Shelley had not long lost a baby, all the male participants in the story writing competition the story came out of were dead within 8 years and the weather was apocalyptic in the wake of a massive volcanic explosion – Mount Tambora in 1815 – the effects of which were to last decades. It was also a suitably gloomy book for the mood of some of our members who are experiencing trying times. Our thoughts and sympathies to all who have had a bad month.

It is a remarkable novel which brought Mary Shelley recognition in a very male-dominated world. She was very young, just 19 when she wrote the story and still only 21 when it was published.

This was a book about outsiders – people seen as evil but the monster was actually a kind soul. We felt this parrallels modern Australia where the asylum seeker is being demonised.

As an interesting aside, Lynette and Gabrielle had listened to an adaptation of the story on CD and it seemed to be a very different story, a lot more gory it seems.

We gave this novel a score of 3.2 out of 5.


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