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December Meeting

Attendees : Mary, Katie, Trish, Heidi, Bev, Ros
Apologies : Margaret (get well soon), Sharon, Gabrielle, Lynette

Business : Our next meeting will be the annual Pot Luck at Glenbrook Theatre approx. 6pm on the first Friday in January 2013.

Our next book discussion will be on Friday 1st February with Beverley leading the discussion.

Discussion : We all agreed that Rebecca Skloot did a fine job of explaining the scientific stuff  while also telling the story of the Lacks family with sensitivity. We thought her writing pure and simple and true.

Ros had done her research and had found a video of Rebecca Skloot for us to see and on Rebecca’s website, a Jeopardy game for us to play. Congratulations to Heidi, Ros and Beverley who won!!!!!

This fascinating book scored highly at 4.2.

Best Book Cover – On the right is the book cover Trish chose as her favourite (welcome back, Trish!)

Who Would Play Who in the Movie?

  • Deborah – Oprah Winfrey
  • Henrietta Lacks – Halle Berry, Tandy Newton or Sophie Okenudo
  • Rebecca Skloot – Hilary Swank



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