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November Meeting

Attendees : Heather, Catherine, Vic, Katie, Margaret, Sharon, Heidi

Apologies : Lynette, Gabrielle, Mary, Ros, Beverley

Business :

  1. Some members need to provide a title for the next 7 books to read (see members highlighted in red on Reading Lists page)

Discussion : The discussion was somewhat limited by no one having read the whole book. The thread of the story was a bit hard to understand because of the author’s use of in media res wherebythe narrating of the story begins either at the mid point or the end and makes use of flashbacks to give the story. We agreed the writing was good and we wanted to read to the end. Scores were therefore suspended until next meeting.

Heidi’s cover won the best cover competition.

We forgot to share our reading for the month. Perhaps people would like to email their reading to me and I can add it later.

We played a new game : Who should play who in the film?

  • George Smiley – Ian Holm, David Suchet, Timothy Spall
  • Ricki Tarr – Russell Crowe, David Wenham, Richard Roxburgh
  • Percy Alleline – Mark Strong
  • Peter Guillam – Allan Rickman
  • Connie Sachs – Miriam Margolyse, Miranda Hart
  • Jim Prideaux – Bill Nighy

Here’s whe played who in the recent version : see IMDb



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