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Notes for the October Meeting

Mary sent this as a comment but I think it’s important we all get the message so have made it a post – HC

Hi All book thieves my turn next month! It’s the 8 steps to happiness not a literary marvell but nevertheless full of common sense I will be providing food so please come with and empty stomach as I will have dinner prepared. This is the sort of book you talk about over a good meal ( well a meal anyway ) Let me know if you are not coming so that i dont over cater.

Can I also suggest that you complete the fist exercise in the book. It is not compulsory and you wont be forced to share it. The exercise is to write our own Eulogy. We are going to spend some time writing your eulogy, a legacy letter.. A eulogy is a formal speech that is a celebration of someones life. It praises their finer qualities and highlights their achievements. Thinking about your own legacy and writing about it is a challenging task but very a practical one that will help you to identify your core values p 55 Eight Steps to Happpiness

I Hope you can all make it to book club dinner I know our numbers have been down lately and I have been cheif culprit but it is now time to regroup and rally!

Love your work,



One thought on “Notes for the October Meeting

  1. Hello Bookthieves

    I have really missed book club nights this year and had fully intended that the next one, at Mary’s place, would be the start of my return! BUT – Sam’s football end of year thingo got rescheduled to this Friday ….aarrgghh.
    Given that, as a commitment, supporting Sam at his football has been such a big part of our lives this year, I feel I really ought to attend the end of year presentation – kind of like a “full stop”.
    So, sorry Mary – was so looking forward to dinner and the company of some fine women at your place : )

    See you all next time.

    Vic x

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