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August Meeting

Attendees : Ros, Lynette, David, Heidi, Catherine

Apologies : Beverley, Mary, Heather, Sharon

Business : Heidi alerted us to two library events later this month, both on Saturday 25 August.

  1. Book Group Information Session – at 2pm on Saturday 25 August in Springwood Library. This is an information session for people who might want to start a book group but can’t find one to join. Hopefully, we will give them enough information for them to start their own. I’d like it if a few of you could turn up to chip in with ideas from your point of view.
  2. Reading Hour at the Carrington – from 6pm-7pm in the Library at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Just bring a book, the Library is providing finger food and read for an hour – perhaps someone will start reading aloud.

Discussion : The discussion on this book led by David was fairly brief.  Some really enjoyed this tale of adolescent derring-do. Others found the language a bit difficult. It scored 3 out of 5.




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