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May Meeting

Apologies : Heather, Lynette, Catherine, Beverley, Mary, Sharon
Attendees : Gabrielle, Heidi

Business : There were only three responses to the Anh Do Happiest Refugee Show Live doodle poll. As only one of the three were able to go so this is not an excursion we will be embarking on.

Discussion : Gabrielle explained that she chose this book after an outing to the library where she discovered Rocks in the Belly as an audio/talking book. The print version was also on the shelf so she borrowed them – Gabby likes to listen to the talking book in the car to and from work then read the book later. The author, Jon Bauer, narrates the talking book himself and Gabby thought he did an excellent job of it and was very engaged by his reading.

The narrative is told by two voices of the same person; the un-named narrator as a 28 year old and as an eight year old, in alternating chapters. The adult narrator has returned to his childhood home to look after his terminally ill mother and is thinking back to a childhood tragedy of his making. The eight year old has a rich internal life but is struggling to accept the foster child, Robert, that has recently joined their household.

Both those present enjoyed this book but felt that after all the build up, the tragedy was not so great. We thought the voices were well done – trying to write like an eight year old might speak could have been trying but it wasn’t.

We both scored it 3.5.


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