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April Meeting

Apologies : Heather, Lynette, Catherine, Margaret, Vic, Gabrielle

Attendees : Mary, Katie, Ros, Beverley, Heidi, Trish (at the 11th hour!)

Business : Anh Do is doing a ‘The Happiest Refugee’ show at the State Theatre on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July 8pm. Tickets cost $49-$59.

Who’d like to go? I’ll try and set up a poll.


Discussion : Discussion was fairly brief as we all pretty much agreed this was a good easy read by a likeable celebrity but this was not great literature. Some felt Anh Do maybe leant too far in favour of levity and didn’t care for awful events being treated so lightly. There was some discussion of controversy whether this book was ghost written or not. A quick Google search showed that a Michael Viscontay had been engaged to research and interview people for this biography and provided a manuscript which Do then rewrote in his own words.

The Happiest Refugee scored 2.9

For those who enjoyed Anh Do, Katie recommends The Life of Akmal by another Aussie comedian, Akmal Saleh.

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