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March meeting

Apologies for the late posting.

Present : Ros, Beverley, Gabrielle, Mary, Katie, Heidi

Apologies : Vic, Catherine, Lynette, Margaret

Business :

  1. A member asked about inviting a new member. Those of us at the meeting agreed that we have enough members.

This led to a discussion of the reading list. With 14 members and breaks over Christmas it currently takes about 18 months for us all to have a turn at picking a book.That means, if we put a list down all at once, we may miss out on a lot of new books before we all get another choice. We decided therefore to choose the books every 7 months, leaving roughly the current order ( We have got our reading list up to December this year. So by the December meeting the first 7 should provide their choices to take us through to August 2013, then the second 7 by the July 2013 meeting. Then we go back to the first 7 in early/mid 2014 and so on.

First 7

Second 7

We also decided that where a member doesn’t want to make a choice of their own (eg. Trish) that we have a Wild Card where everyone else puts a book title into a hat for Trish (or whoever) to pick. So if you aren’t feeling inspired there’s a way out.

Discussion : Thank you to Ros for having us at her place. We had a very interesting night with the topics in the book, as always, leading us to all sorts of unexpected places.

Sarah’s Key was chosen by Ros because she is a Francophile and she had seen the film. The story was interesting historically; we are used to stories of Nazi oppression in Germany and Poland but tend not to consider their collaborators, especially in Allied countries like France.
We were interested in the French reaction – the denial. They seemed to quite readily accept the Jews were not ” people like us”. We saw parallels with what is happening to boat people coming to Australia and thei isolation and de- humanization.
We also talked about secrets, especially the open secrets that are known but not talked about.
On the whole we enjoyed the book but found it relied a bit on coincidences and was too happily ever after, a bit contrived and aiming at being a best seller.

Sarah’s Key scored 3.3.


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