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December Meeting

Present : Margaret, Mary, Catherine, David, Sharon, Katie, Trish, Lynette, Heidi, Gabrielle

Apologies : Vic, Beverley, Ros, Heather

Business :

  1. We decided our January meeting would take the now traditional form of a pot luck visit to the pictures but with a change of date and change of venue. We’ll be off to the Mount Vic Flicks on Friday 13th January 2012.
  2. Next book discussion will be February 3rd 2012 when we’ll read Beverley’s choice, Flock by Lyn Hughes.
  3. Please think about your reading choice for the next round – should take us all the way through to mid-2013! See the Reading Lists page for what some have already nominated.

Discussion : David’s choice of Ransom by David Malouf gave us plenty to talk about and we must apologise for not leaving until almost midnight when David had to be at work at the crack of nothing the next morning.

Despite being set in a world at the mercy of gods who are capricious, vicious, unpredictable and beyond mortal control, there were parallels to be seen with today’s economic and environmental climate with capricious, vicious, unpredictable and uncontrollable governments, banks and environmental threats.

With Priam we come to see that there is a simple life where griddle cakes made with love and dipping your toes in the stream are to be enjoyed. David also suggests we read David Malouf’s essay in Quarterly magazine, The Happy Life.

Ransom was well received and scored a very respectable 4.2.

The cover reproduced here is the one chosen by Trish as the winning cover among those brought by members who’d actually read the book!


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