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November Meeting

Attendees : Margaret, Heidi, Beverley, Ros, Vic, Katie, Gabrielle, Mary, Catherine, Heather

Apologies : David, Sharon

Business :

  1. Sasha has resigned from Book Thieves. She thanks us for having her for the little while she was a member.
  2. Sasha’s place will be offered to Lynette, Gabrielle’s niece.
  3. Mary is to find out if Rosemary intends to remain in Book Thieves or not.
  4. Mary is to investigate options for a trip to the Hawkesbury in January.
  5. Heidi is to set up a Doodle date  chooser to find out which weekend in January would suit most people for the excursion.

Discussion : Margaret led the group in what was an unusually unanimously disappointing read. With such a seemingly charming, erudite subject, expectations were high but most found Stephen Fry long-winded, self-indulgent and dismissive of the most interesting bits (his bi-polar disorder for instance) and we ended up with not a lot more than a list of what projects (film, stage or TV) he’d done with whom. Those who had read it recommend his first biography, Moab is my Washpot instead. The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry scored 2.5.

Next Meeting : Ransom by David Malouf at David’s.


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