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The Slap

Anyone else looking forward to this starting next week?

I read The Slap a while back with my other book group and then Dead Europe a few months ago. Not many likeable characters in Tsiolkas’ books but he’s a very, very compelling writer and I highly recommend him.

Here are two reviews, one with video, the second with a ‘family tree’ for easier following of the story.

  1. The Australian  (NB: Stephen Romei acknowledges in his blog, A Pair of Ragged Claws , that he’s got Anthony and Jonathan LaPaglia mixed up in the video)
  2. Fancy Goods Bookseller & Publisher blog

 Happy viewing.



2 thoughts on “The Slap

  1. Thanks for this Heidi. I don’t have TV reception at the moment and won’t be able to watch the series but these two reviews/previews are tantalising. Sharon

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