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Bias in the Book?

I was listening to a Radio National Late Night Live podcast as I came to this morning.  In Woman of the Wall (listen here) Philip Adams speaks to Israeli activist Anat Hoffman.  Ms Hoffman tells of the increasing power of ultra othodox Jews in Israel that is leading to segregation. In Israel women must ride at the back of the bus, if all the women’s seats are taken they have to wait for another bus. Women are only allowed to pray at a certain part of the Wailing Wall.  And in a country where the political and the spiritual are supposed to be separated, these rules are being enforced by the police.

Geraldine Brooks did not talk about this in her book, perhaps because the subtitle is The Hidden World of Islamic Women, but was she also showing, in the guise of trying to understand, a bias against Islam???

Either way the podcast makes interesting listening.



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