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July Meeting

Attendees : Trish, Catherine, Margaret, Heidi, Katie, Sharon, Beverley, Heather, Ros, Mary, Vic

Apologies : David, Gabrielle

Business :

  1. We agreed that our next excursion should be to Pittwater, perhaps with an overnight stay at the YHA. Sharon to investigate costs, etc.
  2. Happy Birthday to Trisha for the 21st. Trash is now the Proud owner of How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read.

Discussion : By happy coincidence this meeting was held on Dorothea McKellar’s birthday which tickled us no end!
Mary led the discussion, telling us that she’d chosen Salvation Creek because of it’s cover! We had all enjoyed the book, or it’s sequel, The House at Salvation Creek, with it’s peek at another life. Several commented that it was like having a chat over coffee with a friend.
Susan Duncan describes the personalities and the landscape (every bit a character as the humans) simply, evocatively, beautifully.
Because of the mix up with the titles we decided either or both of the two books could be scored. The score was 3.8.

Update 5/7/11 : Gabrielle sent a text message to Heidi giving her apologies and her score which has altered the score for the book(s) slightly downwards from 3.8 to 3.7. – HC


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