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Twentieth Century British Authors : making connections

Look at what I found doing a Google search for the International Man Booker Prize this evening.

This comes from the UK’s Open University and is a twentieth century author wheel showing the links between authors. I thought I’d explain it to you in person because it wasn’t immediately obvious to me how it worked. I was looking for a legend that told me what all those coloured lines meant and there isn’t one.

So, to get started Click here to get to this jumping off space pictured above.

Once there, click on the Click to launch button. Click on Start and then Next to get to this page.

Choose an author and explore the links he/she has with others.

Here is Iain Banks whose non-Sci-fi writing I enjoy. (When he’s writing Sci-fi he calls himself Iain M. Banks.)

If I click on one of the coloured circles I can see what it is that links Iain Banks with the authors at the other end of the coloured lines.

Here the orange dot is a link to other Sci-fi authors.

Iain Banks (with or without his M.) is tame compared with some. Just take a gander at old Kingsley Amis.

To find out about the author click on his/her name or to find out more about the connection, click on the coloured dot.

The only annoying thing about this wonderful gadget is that once you’ve clicked on a link you can’t page back. You’ll be taken out to the beginning again and it gets a bit wearing.


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