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May 2011 Meeting

Apologies : Heidi

Attendees : Catherine, Vic, Catherine, Margaret, Catherine, Katie, Catherine, Sharon, Catherine, Trish, Catherine, Ros, Catherine, Mary, Catherine, BeverlyCatherine, and Gab

Business :

  1. Next meeting is at Sharon’s. We will be reading  Babylon’s Ark : the incredible wartime rescue of the Baghdad Zoo by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence.

Discussion : Scoring for Once averaged out to 4 with most people who had read it really enjoying it. Margaret wasn’t able to get past the first couple of chapters as, for her, it was too close to home. She said that people talked about that period of time as being modern history but for her it was her life. We had a lively discussion, mostly staying on the topic of the book and Gleitzman’s clever style of writing. We were also to discuss it from different view points as some of us had read it with our kids so it was interesting to hear their interpretation of events in the book and how they dealt with often difficult to comprehend subject material.


3 thoughts on “May 2011 Meeting

  1. Aaagh has anyone read the book WAS I REALLY THERE? That’s two months in a row when I have enjoyed the conversations at book group but apparently haven’t been there? If it’s because I’m an undercover (or is that hard cover) critic and my cover is being protected thats OK otherwise…That’s ONCE! and THEN hmmmm, NOW here’s hoping for next meeting
    signed Invisible Me
    ps I loved all three MG books

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