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February 2011 Meeting

Attendees : Catherine, Gabrielle, Beverley, Sharon, Heather, Mary, Katie and Heidi

Apologies : Margaret, Trish, Vic

Business :

  1. New Members – again a request had been made to invite a new member into the group and so we discussed the issue. We have agreed that, given the number who attend/do not attend each month, we could accommodate a few more members but that the group as a whole should be capped at 15 so that meetings never become too big and unmanageable. Katie, Mary and Beverley are going to invite their friends. Mary is also to check with Robyn if she wants to continue membership of the group. If we have that one resignation and the three new members, we will be at capacity until and unless someone formally resigns from the group.
  2. We had a What have you been reading segment this month and we thought it would be a good thing to make this a formal part of each meeting. So each month be prepared to share at least one book/article/whatever you have been reading – you can bring copies of the books to the meeting as an aide memoire and to swap with others if you are happy to do so.

Discussion : Beverley led us in discussion of Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith, the second book in the Sunday Philosophy Club/Isabel Dalhousie series. We had all enjoyed this book as an easy read but were pretty much agreed that Isabel was an annoying character that we probably wouldn’t like much in real life – too much moralising and interfering in what doesn’t concern her. We thought McCall Smith was not great at characterising this 40+ yrs woman – she came across as very much older and fuddy duddy.

Those of us familiar with Edinburgh appreciate the ramble through a much-loved city though.

The final score was 2.7 (I forgot about adding Margaret’s score when I was at the meeting).

Next Meeting : Gabrielle will be leading our discussion of In My Skin by Kate Holden. The venue will be Katie’s.


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