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What gingerbread men say about you

No, they don’t gossip behind your back. This research, from The Garbing Reed Institute in Bern tells us that when faced with eating a gingerbread man, 76% of consumers feel some degree of guilt.

Question: Once you’ve got past your unease, how do you eat a gingerbread man?


  1. Snapping off a limb (leg): Indicates a tentative nature, a desire to be liked and an unwillingness to be confrontational. Extremely insecure, often puts the needs of others before themselves.
  2. Snapping off a limb (arm): Confident and inclusive. An achiever who is prepared to act even if those actions might incur some risk. A leader who is comfortable making decisions.
  3. Biting off a limb (arm/leg): Biting off a limb from a whole gingerbread man suggests that the more negative traits indicated above can be more prevalent. Tentativeness leans towards sloth – decisiveness can tend to manifest itself as bossiness.
  4. Snapping off the head: Forthright, somewhat aggressive with narcissistic tendencies. Little regard for the views of others. Generally unaware of the effect ones actions are having on others.
  5. Biting off the head: Downright nasty bit of work (paraphrasing here). Self-centred despot with no time for the weak or those who do not conform. Destined for board level positions and early retirement on a fat pension.
  6. Breaking in half/random destruction: One of life’s dreamers. Happy to go with the flow and rub along. Can be prone to introspection, which might be interpreted as selfishness. Never knowingly upsets anyone – but never the first to volunteer.
  7. All in one go: Dr Baring didn’t actually address this one. But it’s not hard to interpret. Your just damn greedy!” – This was Derek Dog’s technique. We baked and decorated Gingerbread trees one Christmas, put a ribbon through a hole and hung them on the Christmas tree. We heard an odd noise as we went, then realised it was crunching – Derek was munching as we hung!!!

I’d make an educated guess and say the same or similar would apply to the eating of Jelly Babies.

Via Stephen’s Lighthouse blog.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas – Heidi X


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