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Call yourself a book lover?

You may love books but would you go as far as the couple in this news article from the Star Tribune in Minneapolis?

“The Ainsworth house in St. Louis Park was being slowly consumed by books. Massive bookshelves covered an entire wall in the living room. Another room upstairs had almost no visible wall space. Nearly every room in the house was outfitted with a bookcase, including the kitchen. Still, Louis Ainsworth’s book collection threatened to overrun the property.

“What Louis couldn’t fit on the shelves, he kept in cardboard boxes around the house,” says Sue Ainsworth, the book collector’s ever-patient wife. “I would tell him, ‘Louis, why do you need 500 books on the Middle Ages?'”

When the Ainsworths met their breaking point, they did something even bibliophiles might consider drastic: They bought the house next door, added a two-story atrium to bridge the 15-foot gap between the houses, and converted most of the neighbor’s house into a two-story library with cherry shelves, a mezzanine, fireplace and a rolling library ladder.”

Go to the article from the Star Tribune to see the photographs of the library, it’s really rather beautiful both inside and out.



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