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September Meeting

Present : Trish, Sharon, Gabrielle, Beverley, Mary, Vic, Katie, Heidi

Apologies : Catherine, Margaret

Business :

  1. Last choice for this year : Beverley has added her choice – Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith. That will be our reading for February 2011.
  2. Reading List for next year : We decided that over the next couple of months we’d put in our reading choices for next year. Can we have them by the November meeting because some members like to know so they can make requests for Christmas presents. If you want you can send me your choices by email and I’ll post them on the blog (or you can do it yourself) and we’ll sort out the reading order at the November meeting.
  3. October meeting : The first Friday of next month is the middle of the October school holidays so we decided to postpone Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and the meeting will be at Mary’s.

Meeting :   Only about 1/2 of those present had read Maestro but those who did mostly enjoyed it. We found it very evocative of sultry, steamy Darwin and an accurate portrayal of the self-centredness of adolescence and the belated regret at not finding out more about those around us who might have an interesting story to tell.

The book scored 3.5 – the score was brought low by James Colquhoun who only had a teacher’s ‘monotone’ reading of the book to go on but a respectable score anyway.


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