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My new second favourite literary award

This is something I can’t post on the Library Blog so you’ll have to cop it.

I’ve just discovered a new literary award – The Wankhs which are to be awarded for novels with titles that are, according to The Guardian,  “not only strange and unusual, but downright funny in the most sniggersome, puerile manner.”

The Wankh awards shall be named in honour of that classic of science-fiction, Jack Vance’s Servants of the Wankh. The 1969 novel, the second in Vance’s Tschai quartet, has had to battle a barrage of titters over the past half-century, thanks to its title. In Vance’s world, the Wankh are one of four warring races who inhabit a distant planet.”

Here are some suggestions :

Oh dear!

Anyway! With those as inspriation you can send in your nominations to The Guardian via this article.


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