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Here’s a nifty site YourNextRead

At YourNextRead you can enter the name of a book or author or genre you enjoy reading and you will be given a choice of books to try next.

Here’s the result of my search using Wolf Hall.

It’s a little hit and miss – how did Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest get there? Was it because of an Ian Rankin search I’d done previously?
Anyway, if you go on to click on any of the recommended books, not only do you get a description and Amazon review for the book, but another set of recommendations will be generated.

2 thoughts on “YourNextRead

  1. The librarian in me loves this – but it doesn’t answer “I want another book like the one I had last month – but I can’t remember its name – it had a red cover”

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