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March Meeting

Present : Heather, Margaret, Mary, Robyn, Sharon

Present : Heidi, Katie, Beverley, David, Vic, Catherine, Gabrielle, Trish

Business :

  1. Reminder that next month’s meeting is on the second Friday of the month because of the Easter holiday. Beverley has kindly offered to host us for the evening. I will send the address via email later.
  2. There will be a literary high tea at the Razz where Katie’s friend, Donna Mulhearn, will be talking about her book, Ordinary Courage. The event is on Sunday 21st March from 4pm-6pm and costs $25. Can you ring Katie by this Wednesday 10th March if you want to go so she can make a booking. You may remember Katie telling us that Donna gave up her job as political advisor to volunteer a a human shield in Baghdad.
  3. A few members hadn’t finished To Kill a Mockingbird so we will get all the votes finalised next meeting.
  4. Robyn and Beverley still to choose their books for this round – will be on the reading list for February and March next year.

Other stuff :

  • Heather reported getting The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman may be a bit difficult. Can I remind you all again of the Book Depository – when I looked this morning a hardback copy cost $8.94!! If you order now you will have it in plenty of time for the next meeting – just click on the link.
  • The ABC’s First Tuesday Book Club will have Marcus Zusak (The Book Thief) on next month. They are reading Solar by Ian McEwan and The Strange Case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and looking at books that have been made into films. Should be good.
  • We might need to discuss next meeting if leaving the voting over to the next month is the right thing to do in future . . . I’m not sure it’s not kind of cheating somehow.
  • Happy Big 5-0 Birthday to Sharon this month.
  • Hope you are feeling better soon to Heather and Margaret.
  • Happy Anniversary to Robyn (and Rob)

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