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Layout changes

If you go down to the blog today you’re sure of a big surprise . . .

I hope no one minds me changing things so radically. I’ve changed to a new theme because I wanted to add a new page and the Search box on the previous theme got in the way of a new page tab.

The new page is Tuesday Teasers, an idea I’m pinching from the Should be Reading blog. I hope lots of you will give it a go, or at least find it interesting. The instructions are on the TT page, but essentially it’s a fun way of sharing what we are reading by posting little excerpts from our current reading each Tuesday (I’ve set the page up but haven’t yet added my entry as I am doing this at work so, although it is now Wednesday I will add my TT this evening). So mark your calendars/schedule an appointment in your Outlook and let’s see how this flies.

Here’s an example from the Should be Reading blog.

“I could not help feeling giddy the way I had once, so many years before, when I’d seen myself in the light of the palace torches. As old as I was, the sense of possibility and transformation was still there.”

~ p.105, “Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story” by Carolyn Turgeon



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