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Great Televison entertainment!!

Clem was watching a movie last night on ABC2 when he started to get very excited when an add came on. His comment was ‘I have always wanted to watch that movie and finally it is going ot be on tele!!’ Imagine my surprise when I asked what it was he was so excited about and he said it was To Kill a Mockingbird!

To cut it short: Next Saturday or Sunday night…ABC2…8.30pm



3 thoughts on “Great Televison entertainment!!

  1. We’ll have to make that mandatory viewing then – I had thought to get the movie from the library for us to watch together. Do people still want to do that? Or will we make the assumption we’ve watched the film?


  2. Mocking birds are looking to be extinct at the rate we are killing them off. Katie lent me ‘Lovely bones’ and sure enough a school book mentioned was ‘To Kill a Mocking bird’. I haven’t started to read this book yet has anyone got a spare copy?

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