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Suggested reading for long car journeys

Hard on the heels of the last post about the Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year are these titles. I found them on one of my favourite blogs, Judge a Book by its Cover, some off the wall reference material for travellers. I thought they were made up initially . . . but a little librarian-y research reveals I was so so wrong!

First, we have What Bird Did That?: A Driver’s Guide to Some Common Birds of North America. Helps you identify which bird to blame for that atomic blast covering your entire windshield!

A UK version, What Bird Did That?: The Comprehensive Field Guide to the Ornithological Dejecta of Great Britain and Europe is available also.

Hope the Aussie editors are on the case . . .

Second is Flattened Fauna : A Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highways (Revised).

Cars can have a big impact on the ecosystem. Not only do they spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, they can also decimate whole populations of animals by running them over – apparently 1/3 of the koalas on the Iluka Peninsula were run over by cars.

Now when you visit North Americal you’ll be able to distinguished a squished woodchuck from a splattered opossum!

Third there is That Gunk on Your Car: A Unique Guide to Insects of North America. They come at you so fast and leave such a colorful mess that you can’t help but wonder “what the hell was that?” (This is also useful for motorcycle riders to help figure out what kind of protein they just swallowed.)

Fun for the whole family! And it’s a steal at only $91.34 (?UD$) via Amazon

And finally, when you get home from your trip, tired and sweaty, you’ll want to know what kind of animals crapped all over your lawn while you were away. Was it the neighbor’s cat again? Or are coyotes coming down from the hills for the summer? Or were the rumors of bear sightings true?

Now you’ll know exactly with the indispensible What Shat That?: A Pocket Guide to Poop Identity. Behind this unassuming cover is a wealth of valuable information.

Am I the only one who finds the “pocket guide” bit of that title unsettling?


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