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February meeting

Present : Heather, Heidi, Mary, Robyn, Vic, Katie, Catherine, Sharon

Apologies : Margaret, Trish

Business :

  1. Amendments have been made to the March and April meetings so make a note : (a) the March book will now be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee at Heidi’s, The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman has been moved to April and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl will be the October book. (b) The April meeting will be held on 9th April because the first friday in April is Easter Friday.
  2. Proposal for a new member to join us made by Heidi and agreed to by those present. The new member is Beverley Moreman. We now have 12 members and consider the group full and closed until someone resigns from the group.

4 thoughts on “February meeting

  1. Apologies for not making the meeting last night…I have been unwell and fell asleep in the storm at 7pm while cuddling my terrified 6 year old and did not wake back up…until 7.30 this morning!

    I will give my apologies now for the April 9th meeting as this is Clem’s mums 90th birthday and we are having a big family get together that night.

    Hope everyone is well


  2. Ok I have figured out how to get through directly…..thanks for your help Heidi! Had feedback to give as I listened to Gatsby on Tape over the holidays going on a 6 hour drive to Scotts Head with Clem…needless to say he was not very impressed as he did get lost in the story telling!

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